The bleeding heart of a flawed supermum…. or how the hell did I get here?

Well where do I start?  Most will tell you  to start at the beginning, well that easier said than done.  Looking back at the complicated treads of my life so far I think The Fates must have dropped their knitting pattern with my destiny and have just left the mess to its own devices.  I would recommend crochet to the trio of Moirai as I was never any good at knitting and always found crochet so much less complicated and easier to fix if you made a sow’s ear out of it.  Which brings me back to the sow’s ear of my career as a Supermum.  I don’t know if any one in social media land or the inter web world will be interested in the ramblings of  what would be considered a failed mother by some, to be completely honest this is just a cheap form of therapy and whoever is bored or brave enough to read this I will bring a long for the ride.  It maybe a white knuckle ride or you may just want to cry into your tea by the end of the first post………….ok here we go!

If you google supermum It will give you the definition from the Oxford dictionary as:

Supermum noun.  British. informal.  An exemplary or exceptional mother, especially one who successfully manages a home and brings up children while also having a full time job……

  • exemplary mother……check
  • successfully manages home….check
  • successfully bring up children…..check

Had at times to work full time…….check

Hurray!! IM A SUPERMUM!……….NOT!

This is my journey from a mum who had the love and respect of her five children to being alienated and estrange from 4 of the 5 of those children.  How I went from being a trusted counsellor, doula and childminder to having my grandchildren used a weapon against me in the war with my narcissistic children.

Welcome to my life as a Flawed Supermum……..Its more unbelievable than an episode of EastEnders.


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